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    Education portal Rhine-Main - Short discription

    More and more our daily live becomes complicated. Changes in employment, in the enterprise, growing demands on qualification, new professions and technologies, changes in law, different languages and cultures, getting in contact with other people, more spare time - with further education all these demands can be handled better.

    Education-net Rhine-Main helps you find the matching course.

    In the Education-net Rhine-Main you will find more than 5.000 offers on education for the Rhine-Main region (Frankfurt area). The pallet of offers contains topics of professional as well as general education. The range starts with A as "Ausbildung” (= training) and ends with W as "Wickeltisch” (= baby changing table) and adresses to people of each age. Practical search defaults lead you through the database and fast to the matching course. The access to the Education-net Rhine-Main and the education councelling is free.

    The database contains:

    • informations about seminars, training providers, trainers
    • the possibility to get in contact with a training provider, to get further information or to book courses directly
    • a reference to country wide databases, if there should be no regional offer
    Interested users can get information about contents, costs, training providers, subsidies or grants.
    A standardized description facilitates the comparability of the offers.

    Additionally an access to a personal education counselling is integrated, if an employee does not really know how to improve his occupational outlook by further education.

    The data of the courses are fed and updated by the training providers.

    Test the education database:

    Because the Education-net Rhine-Main works regional, there exists no English version. But if you would like to see for yourself the efficiency of our database, please go to our search window (googlelike) and try keywords like "Excel”, "Word” or "Management” and then click "suchen”(search) . A list of courses matching to the keyword will be shown. Another click on "mehr” (=more) will bring you more detailed and standardized information about an offer you are interested in. If you click on "Zum Anbieterprofil” (= profile of training provider) you will get more detailed informations about the training provider. As you see, a person interested in an offer receives easily all informations and contact data.

    The Education-net Rhine-Main was developped with means of the "European Social Fund”, "Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung” and the city of Offenbach. It is conducted with financial support of the country Hessen.
    Erstellt: 01.02.2015
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    Telefonsupport: Dienstag und Donnerstag von 9.30 bis 12.30 Uhr Tel.: 069 8065-4340 Fax: 069 8065 4339
    E-Mail-Support: service@bildungsnetz-rhein-main.de

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